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On this day 18 years ago this machine came to North America and changed gaming.

I think within the next week I’ll start a run through of Majora’s Mask. I now have my Everdrive 64 up and running so I have too many things to play. I’m almost finished with Banjo Kazooie and I’ve started a little bit of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but I love Manora’s Mask so I’m gonna play a run through.

I apologize for my inactivity. I’ve been busy with school, work, and my electronic projects. My N64 portable circuitry is all finished except for the controller board, but that’s waiting till I make my case which I’m working on right now as far as the project goes. Here is a link to the first page of my forum post if anyone was interested:


I am also working on a small little side project, but more on that later.

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Playing With The Moon
by orioto | Print also available
Fucking up is kinda my thing - (via yoursixwordstory)
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Recent Zelda purchase
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